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Honeywell Pension News & Updates

Honeywell Pension Today, the Honeywell Pension fund is managed by Aon Hewitt and includes plans from legacy companies such as AlliedSignal, Garret and others. On an individual level, the Honeywell pension is an annuity in the employee's name funded by Honeywell during employment, which can only be accessed when the employee leaves Honeywell or retires.

Changes in Method of Pension Accounting

Honeywell made news when it announced that the company was making the move to a Mark-to-Market (MTM) method of accounting. This type of accounting recognizes the fair value of assets or liabilities based on the current market price, regardless of past associated costs.

Pension Expenses & Profits

A challenge for Honeywell over the last several years have been pension costs that have ate into quarterly profits and impacted the company's stock price in the market. This is due in part to Honeywell's large workforce as well as retiree group currently being supported by the pension. In response to this Honeywell has made many moves to limited employee benefits and change pension policies.

Honeywell Contributions to Pension Fund

In Q4 2012 Honeywell contributed $256 million dollars to its U.S. defined benefit plans for a total of $1 Billion in 2012. This brings the entire plan assets at $12.8 billion as of year-end 2012.

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