About Honeywell International, Inc.

Founded in 1906, Honeywell is a multi-billion dollar, Fortune 100 American business conglomerate. With four (4) major divisions focusing on both commercial and consumer products in Aerospace, Energy, Safety, Security, Transportation and more; Honeywell employs over 100,000 people globally with nearly half in the United States.

Honeywell is headquartered in Morristown, New Jersey and led by CEO David M. Cote. The current business name of Honeywell International Inc. was created when AlliedSignal an aerospace, automotive and engineering company acquired Honeywell Inc., a primarily controls, safety and security business in 1999.

Honeywell Divisions / Specific Business Units (SBU)

  • Honeywell Aerospace
  • Honeywell Automation & Control Solutions
  • Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies
  • Honeywell Transportation Systems

Honeywell Aerospace Booth Honeywell Aerospace
Honeywell Aerospace is the largest manufacturer of aircraft engines and avionics. Honeywell Aero also makes auxiliary power units (APUs) and other aviation products. The Aerospace division of Honeywell generates $10 billion in revenue a year accounting for nearly 30% of Honeywell's overall revenue, making it its largest division by fiscal and labor measurements.

Prior to the merger with Honeywell AlliedSignal was actually created by a large merger between Allied Corp. and Signal Companies. These companies were made up of other aerospace and automotive companies that include, Sperry, Bendix, Garret AiResearch, Pioneer, Lycoming, Grimes and King Radio.